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What Is Prevention Premium Health 360?

Are you ready to take control of your health—so you can feel great, live longer, and look your best? Of course you are! The trick is finding a comprehensive program that’ll really work for you—which is where Prevention comes in. We take your health seriously, and we’re proud to have created a powerful system to support you.

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Prevention Premium Health 360 is an expert-driven, real-world-proven system that delivers all the tools you need for a healthier body and mind. It begins with three full-length books mailed to you, plus our annual motivational health and wellness planner (a $104 value!), and it continues with access to our award-winning print and digital content.



This membership-only program is defined by three pillars of health: fitness, nutrition, and brain health. You’ll see results when you build good habits in each of these areas—but it’s when you combine them that experts say the most powerful changes can happen for your health and longevity.

When you join Prevention Premium Health 360, you’ll receive each of these books in the mail:

  • Lift Light, Get Lean: All you need to improve your fitness is a set of light dumbbells; this guide will show you exactly what moves to do and when for best results.
  • 28-Day Anti-Inflammatory Diet: You can transform your health with the right foods. This approach to eating can lower your risk for chronic conditions—and help you feel great right now.
  • Get Sharper Every Day: Boost your brainpower with the easy-to-follow tips and just-right brainteasers in this fun and fascinating guide to improving memory, focus, and more.
lift light get lean 28 day anti inflammatory diet and get sharper every day book covers

You’ll also receive a special Prevention Premium Health 360 Companion Guide, which will help you confidently incorporate the advice from these books into your life.

To support you on your health journey, your Prevention Premium Health 360 membership also includes year-round access to the smart advice and insights that Prevention has been offering for more than 70 years. That means you get:

  • A print subscription to Prevention, which will be mailed to you every month
  • Unlimited access to Prevention.com for the latest news, answers to your biggest health questions, great recipes, and more
  • A beautiful, hard-bound Prevention calendar/health planner mailed to your home annually
  • Additional health guides you can download, on subjects like diabetes and meditation
  • A special monthly newsletter with timely tips backed by science
  • Members-only discounts in the Prevention Shop, along with free shipping on your purchases

That’s all on top of the three guidebooks that’ll get you started on the Health 360 system! Join Prevention Premium Health 360: We created it for you, because you deserve to have the best tools for a healthy life.

What can I still get for free?

If you’re not a Prevention Premium member or a Prevention Premium Health 360 member, you can still read four free articles per month on Prevention.com.

Why can’t I read some Prevention.com stories?

Ah, you must be trying to read an exclusive story for Prevention Premium members. Once you sign up, you won’t see a pop-up window like that again—you’ll have unlimited access to Prevention.com, plus all the benefits listed above!

What’s the difference between Health 360 and All Access and Digital Only?

Prevention Premium Health 360 and All Access give you unlimited access to Prevention.com, special digital issues, a print subscription, and the members-only newsletter. Health 360 gives you all that PLUS three books (Lift Light, Get Lean; 28-Day Anti-Inflammatory Diet, and Get Sharper Every Day) and the annual Prevention health planner.

If I already subscribe to Prevention, do I still have to pay for Prevention Premium?

Thanks for being a subscriber! You can sign up here for a print upgrade. This will add another year to your magazine subscription and give you access to all the other Prevention Premium benefits.

Can I only subscribe to the magazine?

Absolutely! Head here and select the print only option. But if you want to browse Prevention.com uninterrupted and get a special deal on three of our most popular health titles, you’ll want Prevention Premium Health 360.

Where can I find Prevention Premium’s exclusive content?

If you’re already a member, browse here. If you aren’t, join now!

Is Prevention Premium available to international subscribers?

The annual options are available to U.S. and Canada residents only, and anyone with a U.S.-currency based card (Amex, Visa, Mastercard, Discover) can subscribe to the monthly digital-only option.

Where can I contact customer service if I have issues with my account?

You can reach a customer service rep with any questions by emailing [email protected]. We have a team ready to resolve any technical issues, or assist in helping you upgrade or cancel your membership.


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