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Varun Dhawan’s Incredible ‘Bhediya’ Fitness Routine & Diet Plan Is Scary!

Varun Dhawan has long been an inspiration for fitness enthusiasts in the country.

Although the actor has established himself as a comedic actor, it doesn’t mean that he treats his physical fitness like it’s any joking matter.

The Bhediya star takes his fitness regime quite seriously. Read on to know how he attained his rippling physique.

What’s His Fitness Routine Like?

Varun Dhawan looks up to the legends of bodybuilding like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone. However, his fitness routine is a lot more versatile than your average gym-goers.

Namrata Purohit, a renowned fitness coach and Pilates instructor shared Dhawan’s workouts and diet secrets with NDTV Food.

“Varun works out for about one and a half hours, four to six times a week depending on his schedule. He does a mix of pilates and weight training, and works on strengthening his body as well as on agility, flexibility, balance, and stability.”, she said.

Dhawan likes to do somethings the old-school way. He begins his workouts with focused warm-ups before he progresses to cardio, followed by heavy-weight training.

He got in touch with Namrata to improve the flexibility of his body. She said that the actor loves to cycle as “it’s the best way to get where you want”.

Speaking of his requirements, Purohit added, “Pilates has made Varun more flexible, and lean, and has improved his balance. He is also better able to cope with injuries and is being able to prevent them. Since he loves dancing, pilates has also helped his movements become more fluid and he’s gotten a lot stronger.”

For Judwaa 2, Varun Dhawan collaborated with celebrity fitness trainer Prashant Sawant, who also trained Shah Rukh Khan in the past.

Apparently, the fitness program was called Body Shed Program and it kept Varun on his toes.

“He basically does two forms of training i.e. weight training and pilates. However, each routine is different and every workout challenges him differently.”

Diet Plan

While Dhawan has courted controversies in the past regarding his opinions on nutrition, the actor seems to have found a balance that works best for his body.

A quick glance at his social media might have you believe that he’s quite liberal with his intake of junk foods like pizzas and cheesecakes, however, it’s not the entire picture.

The Bhediya actor enjoys eating clean as well as leading a healthy and balanced life.

He usually starts his day with an omelette, some oatmeal, and a whole-wheat grain sandwich.

For lunch, he takes brown rice, three chapatis, broccoli and a portion of baked chicken.

In order to satiate his cravings Dhawan has papayas, bananas, lotus seeds or a protein smoothie.

He ends his day with a light dinner usually consisting of grilled chicken and some mixed green veggies.

On his cheat days he likes he likes to indulge in a chocolate milkshake from time to time.

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