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The First “I Success Awards” Gala Of This Year has Announced its Winners

The world’s largest networking event has returned to the series of galas that have brought the world to its feet.

On April 5, I Success Awards staged its first 2022 event. Focused this time on the success of Romanian entrepreneurship, the gala was held, just like in December 2021, in the most spectacular ceremony hall in Bucharest, Le Château. It was in that place that people with fabulous stories, built upon work, investments, contribution, strategic plans and, above all, a desire to succeed, have met each other. 


In a spectacular, three hour-gala, at the “Castle in the heart of the Capital”, the most successful entrepreneurs shared and celebrated their achievements.

I Success brought together at the same place dozens of people who are revolutionizing the most sought-after fields of the moment: construction, beauty, crypto, medicine, social media, media, wellness, music and fashion, to show how many forms of success can take, and, once more, that the I Success Gala represents the most promising networking and business network.


Some of the most famous Romanian TV presenters participated in the event. Ilinca Vandici started her TV career 15 years ago. Currently, she is at the helm of a show that is making waves among fashion lovers, Bravo, I still. (Great, you have style.) Yet, her media experience extends beyond the status of TV presenter: she paraded on the catwalk and even starred in Romanian movies or soap operas. I Success celebrated her current success with a special award: “The Most Inspirational TV Presenter”.

Cătălin Măruță also took the stage as the winner. However, this time, it was not his career as a TV presenter that brought him a trophy, but his new started online, project, right from his own home. “Acasă La Măruță” (At Măruță’s home) is one of the most successful Romanian podcasts. With a close to 200,000 subscribers YouTube channel, Cătălin Măruță transfers his television work into a virtual environment. I Success awarded him the Best Podcast award. 

Cristian Brancu was also a special guest to the event. One step ahead of celebrities for more than two decades, the journalist can boast of having one of the longest-lived careers in the media. Currently, the TV viewers can watch him on Prima TV, where his show dedicated to celebrities goes on: Exclusive VIP. At the I Success Gala in April, Cristian Brancu was awarded for “The longest-lived presenter of social shows”. 


One of the most watched stars in the online environment has also become part of the amazing I Success story. Adelina Pestrițu managed to gather a community of almost two million people on Instagram, having one of the most popular accounts in Romania. Always honest towards her audience, Adelina is today one of the most appreciated women in Romania. Precisely because she wants to keep her fans close, the star constantly posts on her Instagram page. For her work on the Internet I Success awarded her for the Best Influencer Activity.


Because all I Success events promote the achieving of dreams, could not miss from the Gala the one who always challenged the audience to dare more: Andreea Marin. The TV star spoke at the Gala of her latest released book, There is no can’t, which brings together her life experiences and of dozens of other people, sources of inspiration for all of us. Andreea Marin received from I Success a special award for “The inspirational book of the year – There is no can’t”, for the motivation she provides to the people. 


Through the I Success Gala, Romanian entrepreneurs also provided to the general public a free lesson in achieving success: continuous development and innovation are the essential ingredients from which a successful business always starts. While some of them conquered the country with their businesses, others managed to create an important name abroad. Entrepreneur Radu Tănase, for instance, who, during the event, presented his “SuperStartups” project, helps those at the beginning of the road to develop their tech business and thus achieve their goals. 

The “IXFI”, an online platform designed by Cristian Andrei, dedicated to the crypto field, which facilitates transactions with hundreds of virtual currencies, proves to be a real help also.

A successful family-created and run business brand, loved today by the people of Bucharest who know what good food cooked with passion means was also awarded during the I Success Gala: “MAROON”, an important name in the field of HoReCa, founded by entrepreneur Mihai Cătălin Rădulescu, together with his mother, Aurora Rădulescu. For the first time the I Success public has learned of a one-of-a-kind project in the world, which the entrepreneurs are soon preparing to launch: a restaurant where all dishes, from entrées to desserts, will be cooked live in front of customers.


I Success delighted its guests this time also with moments of live music. Five artists took the stage to celebrate the success and presence of the winners. The event was opened by the so-called “Girl with the Violin”. Raluca Răducanu is one of the most appreciated instrumentalists in Romania. For a few minutes, the artist delighted the audience with the incomparable sound of the violin. 

The next musical moment was provided by Francisca, an artist with a constantly expanding career, who was the protagonist of a special recital. 

The winners were delighted with the most beloved songs from the international music industry, reinterpreted in a unique style. Robert and The Jacks mixed on stage classical and light rhythms. 

Among those contributing to a relaxing atmosphere were Anamaria Petrișor, a young woman eager to assert herself, and Mihai Băjinaru, the soloist of one of the most requested orchestras for premium events, Quality Band.

Artists Paula Seling, Nico and Adina Postelnicu were awarded at the Gala for their projects in the music industry.


The Bucharest Gala was just the first chapter of the 2022 I Success story. In May the event will reach Cannes, then, in the summer, Monaco and Venice, while in the fall it will reach Dubai. All are locations that I Success marked last year as well.

The unique I Success concept was created by Co-founders Oana Irimia and Flavia Covaciu. They have dedicated themselves to the development of the project for the last decade, and currently it achieved such great worldwide recognition.

The partners of the event I Success Awards Romanian Edition were: iSwiss Bank, Compania MaxiProd A&M, Roberto Cavalli Vodka, Compania IXFI, La Cocoș Supermarket, Cofetăria Dulcinella, Bonsai Flower Shop.



1. The Momirov Cosmetics Brand, the award for “The best rise of a Romanian cosmetics brand”

2. Iulian Dinu, the award for “Excellence in Vocational Training and Teaching Fitness, Nutrition and Psychonutrition Courses”

3. Daniel Lazăr, the award for “Excellence in the Development of Automated Residential Projects” – New Age Concept

4. Dr. Leontina Șurtea, the award for “Excellence in Maternal-Fetal Medicine” MaDonna Maria Hospital

5. Ștefan Obreja, the award for “The Most Active Player on the Romanian Dental Market and for Doubling Turnover 3 Years in a Row” – Life Dental Spa Clinic

6. Andreea Marin, the award for “The Inspirational Book of the Year, There is no can’t!”

7. Mihai Cătălin Rădulescu, the award for “Best Food & Entertainment Concept” – Maroon Concept

8. Florin Zamfirescu, the award for “Excellence in Acting”

9.  Dr. Bogdan Ioan Furtună, the award for “Outstanding Achievements in the Medical Field”, Dr. Furtună Dan Medical Center

10. Clara Rotescu the award for “Outstanding Achievement in Fashion” – MIAU BY CLARA ROTESCU

11. Mihai Cîrlescu, the award for “Performance in HORECA distribution”

12. Florentina Cinoș, the award for “Performance in Beauty” Sublime Lash Boutique

13. Oana Marica, the award for “Entrepreneurship Performance” Oana Marica Beauty Studio & Oana Marica X Zenon

14. Caius Covrig, the award for “Best Boutique Hotel” Kayus Boutique Hotel Busteni

15. Caius Covrig, “Young Entrepreneur of the Year” Award

16. Dr. Alin Udeanu, the award for “Performance in Implantology” – DRM Excellence Clinic

17. Ilinca Vandici, “Most Inspirational TV Presenter” Award

18. Radu Tănase, the award for “Best Tech Startup” – SuperStartups

19. Mihaela Pietreanu, the award for “Successful Nail Trainer” – Mihaela Pietreanu Nail Expert

20. Cătălin Măruță, the award for “Best Podcast” – Acasă la Măruță

21. Raul Dumitru, award for “Innovation in the Medical Field” CLINICA RAMED 

22. Cristian Brancu, the award for “The longest-lived presenter of social shows in Romania”

23. Mihaela Boriț, the award for “Outstanding achievement in Lash Training”

24. Adelina Pestrițu, “Best Influencer Activity” Award

25. Carmen Barcan, award for “Outstanding Results in Facial and Body Therapies”

26. Nico, the award for “Outstanding Achievements in Music and Acting”

27. Eugen Constantin Vidineac, award for “Outstanding Achievements in the Practice of the Law”

28. IXFI Company, the award for “Global Expansion in Crypto Exchange”

29. Paula Seling, the award for “Music Performance”

30. Alina Mariş, “Rising Star” Award

31. Antonio Verona, the award for “Excellence in Chiropractic and Physical Health Recovery”

32. Radu Pietreanu, “Successful Comedian” Award

33. Adina Postelnicu, the award for “Successful Entrepreneur” Dabada și Nubanu

34. Andra Gogan, the ward for “Positive Social Media Influence”

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