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Marvin Achi’s Age, Bio & Instagram


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On December 9, Netflix unveiled the first castmates to enter The Circle season 5, and fans want to know more about contestant Marvin Achi. The new season flaunts a roster of hot and hungry singles that are ready to mingle. Every contender is looking for love, providing a new and potentially game-altering dimension to the competition.

The Circle is a gameshow where competitors must interact with one another solely online through social media profiles. The players must form alliances and compete in challenges in hopes of obtaining popular votes from their peers. Each week, the two “influencers” with the most votes have the power to banish one of their own. Contestants can compete as themselves but also as another person and must avoid being “catfished” by other The Circle players.


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Marvin Achi’s Age, Hometown & Career

Marvin is from Houston, Texas. Despite being a chemical engineer, the 28-year-old curates content on TikTok as a fitness instructor and online coach. He sponsors Zindu Nutrition, as well as “EAZ Transform,” a subscription-based fitness app. Marvin has over 5 million likes on TikTok.

Marvin Achi Was Cast On Big Brother & America’s Got Talent

Following Big Brother season 24’s cast announcement, fans were met with Marvin. Days later, he was removed from the cast for undisclosed reasons; however, fans later speculated his exit was due to his involvement in The Circle. Marvin was replaced with fan-favorite Joseph Abdin, who is now romantically involved with Big Brother season 24 champion Taylor Hale. Marvin, who’s on The Circle just like Oliver Twixt, also appeared on America’s Got Talent season 17 during the summer of 2022. Marvin’s act was a hilariously sexy science experiment, and fans fell head over heels for him.

Marvin Boasts Over 550,000 Followers On Instagram

As a contestant on The Circle season 5, Marvin will be competing for love and popularity among his fellow castmates. Fans can keep up to date with him via his Instagram, @marvinachi. “Stay motivated & inspired through the reminder [sic] of the year,” Marvin captioned a recent Instagram post. The new contender has stated he will be competing as himself in The Circle and not as another person. He has over 550,000 on Instagram.

With his impressive physique and charming personality, Marvin, who is on The Circle like former contestant Alyssa Ljubicich, is expected to be a fan favorite on The Circle. His previous involvement in reality TV will likely provide him an edge in the strategic aspects of the competition. It will be intriguing to see how he performs against the other playful and flirtatious singles on the show.

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The first four episodes of The Circle season 5 are now streaming on Netflix.

Source: Marvin Achi/Instagram


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