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Jacked Nutrition: All your fitness needs under one roof

Dedicated to health and fitness, Jacked Nutrition brings years of experience to the table in the field of health and fitness. Our goal at Jacked Nutrition is to provide the finest nutritional products to the general public that allows them to meet their health and fitness goals.

Muhammad Abbas, the founder and CEO of Jacked Nutrition, is a NASM-certified trainer, an ISSA-certified fitness trainer, an ISSA-certified exercise physical therapist, and an ISSA-certified fitness nutritionist as well as CPR and AED certification from the American Heart Association.

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As a result of his efforts, fitness and health in Pakistan were redefined through his work. In 2010, Jacked Nutrition was launched, and throughout the decade, it grew into an incredibly successful brand.

In addition to supplements and Protein powders, Jacked Nutrition also sells pre-workouts, intra-workouts and weight gainers, BCAAs, and multivitamins. Jacked Nutrition has now become Pakistan’s No. 1 importer of international supplement brands like Superior 14 and Applied Nutrition. Furthermore, Jacked Nutrition has its own fitness studio that has all the amenities under one roof.

ISO JACKED protein powder has been launched by Jacked Nutrition. ISO JACKED has undergone rigorous quality control and is GMP certified. Further, it is sweetened with stevia. Jacked Nutrition also offers multivitamins, dietary supplements, and other products such as weight loss supplements and more. There are also subsidiaries of Jacked Nutrition, such as Bodybrics, an athleisure wear brand that provides the best quality fitness clothing.

Evolution of Active Wear

Jacked Nutrition

In the world of wearable fashion, one company has been making a big splash with its innovative new clothing line, Bodybrics. This company has developed a line of fashionable and functional products that are perfect for those who want to stay stylish and fit while on the go. In addition to apparel like T-shirts, sports bras, trousers, joggershoodies, and jackets, Bodybrics also offers gym accessories such as weight lifting belts, gym gloves, and backpacks.

The Bodybrics slogan “Get Going” effectively communicates the brand promise to a wide range of audiences. The wording and alliteration make it easier to read and understand while retaining the brand’s essence. As their slogan suggests, Bodybrics pays homage to the vitality and vigor of the human soul, which lies at the heart of athleticism.

Bodybrics is an innovation in clothing that is taking Pakistan by storm. This revolutionary line of wearables is designed to help you get the most out of your workout by providing support and comfort while you are exercising. Designed with breathable, supportive material, Bodybrics products will keep you cool, dry, and active as you work up a sweat.

Pakistan’s First-Ever Revolutionary Fitness Club

Jacked Nutrition

Jacked Nutrition brings a first-rate fitness center to Islamabad with the best fitness club facility in Pakistan. Jacked Fitness Arena is built on 14000 square feet of land and is Pakistan’s largest fitness gym facility. Their fitness gym and packages cater to all levels of fitness, from beginners to professionals, making health available to anyone who walks through their doors.

Jacked Fitness Arena’s goal is to provide everything you need under one roof, including strength training, cardio, a temperature-controlled swimming pool, physiotherapy, an open crossfit area, a group class studio, and cutting-edge workout equipment, as well as a health club bar with freshly prepared macro-friendly meals.

The Jacked Fitness Arena features a separate area for cardio and group classes. Professional trainers with international certification and experienced physiotherapists are available for injury prevention and rehabilitation. Jacked Fitness Arena provides all your fitness activities under one roof.

Jacked Nutrition has served the community since 2010. For over a decade, it has met its customers’ satisfaction by supplying premium quality products and services. From 2010 till now, Jacked Nutrition has become Pakistan’s No 1 fitness brand because of the trust and support of the community. Check out the Premium Quality products and services of Jacked Nutrition and take your fitness to a whole new level.   


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