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How The Singer Stays Fit?


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Besides being one of the best singers of her generation with all-time hits such as Havana and Senorita, Camila Cabello has an epic fashion sense, which she flaunts in her live performances.

Recently, Cabello posted pictures on social media where she was dressed in a high waisted plaid skirt along with a matching bra top. She rocked the look with a diamond bow and matching belt. She looked nothing short of a doll in that outfit.

Cabello flashed her toned core and beautiful physique in the plaid outfit. So, what’s the secret behind the singer’s fit body. In this article, we will discuss the diet and exercise routine she follows to stay fit and healthy.

Camila Cabello Diet Routine

Camila Cabello has always been very vocal about body positivity. She even penned a note speaking against the paparazzi for snapping pictures of herself in bikini while she was on vacation. She said that the paparazzi pictures not only lowered her self-esteem but also had a negative impact on her mental health.

Camila posted on Instagram:

“Photoshop, restrictive eating, over exercising, and choosing angles that make our bodies look different … I remind myself of this, listen to podcasts on intuitive eating, follow women who accept their cellulite, stretch marks, bellies, bloating, and weight fluctuations”.

Cabello does not follow any restrictive or hard dieting routines to stay in shape and fit. She tries to follow as few healthy eating tips as possible to maintain her health. Rather than following super strict diets, Cabello tries to have a healthy and balanced meal throughout the day that nourishes her.

She tries to listen to her body and provide the nourishment it needs rather than following a set routine, which breaks the emotional relationship with food. Si the singer indulges in cheat meals every now and then, consisting of pizza and chocolate.

Camila Cabello tries to incorporate nutritious and wholesome foods into her diet routine along with eating small meals throughout the day.

That helps with portion management and providing her body with the required nutrition. It also reduces cravings for unhealthy snacks that are often responsible for fat accumulation in the body. She enjoys food from her culture, which gives her familiarity and comfort.

Her trainer Jenna Willis says that you should spend proper time eating along with completely chewing the food. That helps avoid overeating, leading to health management.

Camila Cabello Exercise Routine

Camila Cabello’s celebrity trainer Jenna Willis helps her client stay in shape and healthy.

Willis recently shared Cabello’s fitness routine in an interview with Shape. Both Cabello and Willis continue to share goofy workout pictures on social media, suggesting that the singer takes her exercise routine very seriously.

Willis recently said in an interview that Cabello is committed to her exercise routine to build strength and stay healthy. Some of the exercises in her workout routine include glute bridge, squat, and shoulder tap.

Cabello’s exercise routine makes use of minimal equipment and places greater emphasis on building strength and balance with high intensity interval training.

Bottom Line

Camila Cabello has proved that being body positive does not mean you should not take care of your body and health. Her fitness journey is not focused on getting skinny like models but rather building strength, balance, and health.

If you’re looking for inspiration to improve your health and fitness, Cabello’s diet and exercise routine can motivate you, as it’s not too taxing.

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