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Hilton Head Health Is An Idyllic Resort For All Your Wellness Resolutions

Throw out any preconceived notions you might have about a health spa before you consider visiting Hilton Head Health, a wellness resort on Hilton Head Island in South Carolina. Nicknamed H3 for the triple “H” in its name, Hilton Head Health creates custom plans for each guest’s stay, and it can help kickstart anyone’s health and wellness goals. Here are some things you should know about this special place.

This Isn’t An Ordinary Hotel

This isn’t just an ordinary hotel where you check in and plan to stay gone most of the time. It’s an all-inclusive weight loss and wellness resort that was founded in 1976 by acclaimed behavioral psychologist Dr. Peter Miller. It grew over the years and now has a large campus with lots of space for exercise and wellness. Programs that focus on both the body and mind are a part of every stay.

For accommodations, Hilton Head Health offers one-, two- and three-bedroom villas with full kitchens that work well for longer-term stays with friends or family. There’s also the on-site Sweetgrass Inn, which opened in 2021. It has hotel-style rooms as well as posh suites, and it’s just steps away from the gym, pool, and main building. It has everything you might expect in a well-appointed hotel except soda machines. Not even diet sodas are served anywhere on the campus, including in the onsite restaurant, but there are tasty drink choices like flavored teas.

While Hilton Head Health has always been best known for its immersive weight loss programs, you don’t have to pursue weight loss to book an all-inclusive stay here. There are also wellness programs such as the LivingWell Program, a week-long getaway that’s designed to help guests transform their perspective on health, nutrition, and wellness.

There’s So Much Room To Move

Hilton Head Health has fitness spaces designed for dancing, Pilates classes, Yoga classes, weight training, suspension training, and cardiovascular classes of all kinds. There’s also a courtyard designed for meditation because it’s all about overall wellness here, not just exercising. There are wooden saunas, a hot tub, and a heated pool. You can sign up for dozens of classes at the front desk, and you can also plan to go on group beach walks and bike rides.

Set Goals At The Start Of Your Stay

The friendly staff will help you set goals if you don’t already have them in mind. In fact, you will be encouraged to set behavior goals that are within your control instead of outcome goals. For example, you might not can control how fast you release a pound of fat, but you can control how much you exercise and whether you choose a salad for lunch sometimes. It’s more complex than that, of course, but you’ll have encouragement and guidance to help you establish your own goals.

The Food At The True Dining Restaurant Is Delectable

The idea of dining at a health spa doesn’t excite many people. You probably have seen how that is portrayed on film and television shows. You won’t find any gross, green mystery meals here, though. The gourmet food at the onsite True Dining restaurant is scrumptious, and vegans can rejoice because there are always vegan options on the menu. They also cater to any other dietary needs.

The chef offers a seasonal menu of health-forward food that is prepared to be delicious and fun to eat. Hummus is served, and so are plant-based sloppy joes that you’d never guess were vegan unless you saw that fact on the menu. If you think healthy food is boring, you’ll be delightfully surprised here.

You’ll Learn Ways To Bring The Resort Home With You

This resort is not just about going away for a week or a month, then going back home and dealing with your previous health challenges on your own. It’s designed to help you build new habits to allow you to seamlessly transition back to your day-to-day schedule back home with a new outlook and healthier habits. All aspects of the program are designed to empower you to live your best, healthiest life. They even now have their own video streaming service that’s called H3 At Home so you can access some of the resort’s services directly at home.

There’s a Healthy Cooking demonstration kitchen where you can take healthy cooking classes. Recipes are offered, and so are a lot of tips for cooking on your own. You can also sign up for nutritional seminars where you can learn more about proper portions, healthy food choices, and lots more.

The Spa Should Be A Part Of Every Stay

Since most people staying at the resort are exercising far more often than they usually do, massages are helpful for rest and relaxation, and spa treatments are even included in the rate with some of the plans. The Indigo Spa, the onsite spa at Hilton Head Health, offers custom services to go with all the programs at the resort. The spa creates a tranquil ambiance, and you’ll want to spend time in the relaxation room. The Indigo Spa offers services that include facials, massages, manicures, pedicures, and body treatments.


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