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Health Fitness Nutrition

Come One, Xome All To Health Fitness Nutrition

Health and Well-being, BA/BS – West Virginia University

The customizable approach to the Health and Well-being program allows you to tailor the degree to your specific career goal.

Whether you see yourself in a hospital or recreational setting, or an aquatic facility, Health and Well-being can provide an academic pathway to make that dream a reality. Curricular space exists for you to take the additional electives necessary for admission into the graduate/professional program of your choice.

Foundation Coursework
All Health and Well-being students (BA and BS) complete foundation coursework centered on exercise and health promotion, health education and pre-health professions pre-requisite courses in the sciences and human development. These core concepts lay the groundwork for a variety of careers in the health sciences field.

Professional Coursework
All students complete a series of courses related to career exploration and hands-on learning. During freshman year, you will complete a course providing an in-depth examination into career options and the steps necessary to meet those specific career goals. By junior year, you will take a more robust career exploration course. To meet graduation requirements, you are required to complete a personalized capstone experience based on your specific career goals. This experience ensures that you gain an in-depth understanding of your chosen profession. You will gain practical knowledge thanks to capstone projects and hands-on learning opportunities, such as an internship or research experience.

Tailor this major to your interests by focusing your coursework in one of these areas:

  • Adventure and Outdoor Learning (BA)

    Ideal for someone interested in working in adventure sports and ecotourism.

    Sample courses: Risk Management for Adventure Sport, Advanced Sport Instruction Techniques and a series of adventure skills courses

  • Aquatic Physical Activity (BA)

    Perfect for someone interested in managing an aquatic facility.

    Sample courses: Water Safety Instructorship, Aquatic Exercise Professional

  • Fitness (BA)

    Best for someone interested in helping others achieve their fitness goals.

    Sample courses: Fitness Management, Methods of Personal Training

  • Recreational Sport (BA)

    Achievable for someone interested in working in a campus recreational facility or youth programs.

    Sample courses: Athletic Coaching Administration, Sport Officiating and Sport for the Exceptional Athlete

  • Therapeutic Exercise and Rehabilitation (BS)

    Suggested for someone interested in athletic training, occupational therapy or physical therapy.

    Sample courses: Injury Control and Management, Strength and Conditioning Techniques

Tailor this major to your interests by focusing your coursework in one of these areas:

  • Pre-Health Professions (BS)

    Upon admission to WVU, all students will join the Bachelor of Science in Health and Well-being program. The Bachelor of Science option includes many of the necessary science prerequisites for you to be eligible for admission to health profession graduate programs in fields such as nursing, athletic training and other allied health related professions. If you choose to pursue a graduate/professional degree, you will work with your academic advisor to determine an appropriate plan of study based specifically on your career goals.

  • Community Well-being (BA)

    If you are intending to pursue a career outside clinical practice, consider a Bachelor of Arts in Health and Well-being. The foundation coursework will be the same as the Bachelor of Science. However, students in the Bachelor of Arts track will take classes that are focused on community health promotion and individual lifestyle management. Students are encouraged to supplement their plan of study using available areas of emphasis or minors.

Take advantage of special options related to this major:

  • Honors

    Expand your curiosity — and enhance your curriculum — through the WVU Honors College. Two programs are offered: Honors Foundations for first-
    and second-year students and Honors EXCEL for third- and fourth-year students.

    Explore Honors


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