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Glen Powell’s ‘Eat From the Land’ Diet


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When you get cast in the sequel to a beloved film like Top Gun, you know you’re going to have to achieve a certain look and physique. After all, films don’t come more masculine, more adrenaline filled or with as many shirtless, beach-sport scenes – it wouldn’t be Top Gun without one of those.

But as we all know, physiques are built in the kitchen, so when Glen Powell was preparing to play a pilot with serious BDE, Lt. Jake ‘Hangman’ Seresin, it was to the kitchen, as well as the weights room, that he went.

Having said that, the first thing he actually did was reach out to Nick Mitchell, CEO of transformation specialists Ultimate Performance (UP). Together they devised a protein-based diet plan, which was simple enough for Powell to manage alongside a hectic schedule and long days on set.

The basic principle behind the diet was for Powell to ‘eat from the land’, meaning the majority of his calories had to come from foods that can either be killed, picked or plucked.

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Beyond that, Powell was placed on a 2800-calorie diet, which saw him eating three-to-four times per day, with an emphasis on the amount of protein he consumed.

Powell’s protein target was 200g per day, while carbohydrates and fats were kept flexible, as long as they remained within his overall calorie limit. He also avoided any dairy products due to gut health issues.

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One day a week, Powell would drop down to roughly 2000 calories, but his focus would remain on animal protein sources, such as chicken breast. On these days, he would aim to eat less than 100g of carbohydrates, with the rest of his calories coming from good-quality fat sources.

You can see an example of Powell’s daily diet below, and the final result? You can judge that yourself by watching Top Gun: Maverick, which is in cinemas now.

Powell’s example daily diet works out to around 2800 Calories, with 200g coming from protein, 300g from carbs and 88g from good-quality fats.

Meal One

  • 80g smoked salmon
  • 2 eggs
  • Handful of spinach
  • 100g oats
  • 100g fresh berries

    Meal Two

    • 200g chicken breast (uncooked weight)
    • 100g avocado
    • 140g basmati rice (uncooked weight)
    • 1 serving of broccoli

      Meal Three (Post-workout Protein Shake)

      • 2 Scoops vegan protein
      • Glutamine
      • Creatine
      • 1 banana

        Meal Four

        • 200g sirloin steak (uncooked weight)
        • 400g sweet potato (uncooked weight)
        • 1 serving of green beans


          Before meal one, Powell would take UP’s Estro Support on an empty stomach. Then, pre workout, he would use UP’s Amplify to activate muscle growth and help endurance levels.

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