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Enjoy Life Post 30 by Staying Fit: Somya Luhadia

Somya Luhadia is one of the renowned health motivators & weight management specialists who has become an internet sensation with her content!

Somya Luhadia says that the choices we make today shape the life we want to live tomorrow. Not taking care of proper nutrition and the dietary requirements today can lead to being in hospital after you are 30 and that’s predominantly going to happen. You have to take care of your nutrition, and your movement otherwise you will be busy testing yourself and getting hit badly by the coming viruses that are going to be there as we grow up!



A healthy body, a healthy mind taking good care of your exercise and your nutrition is imperative for you to live a life that is happy, healthy and fit. We can get away with ignorant lifestyle habits today, you might not be sleeping on time and might not be taking care of your nutrition requirement, might not be engaging yourself enough in doing some exercises today you can easily get away with it now. But after 30 your body will start showing its signs, it will start showing up that you haven’t taken care of your body in your early 20s and now it’s time for payback and then you will not be able to do much about it! So take care of yourself today, develop a lifestyle pattern that you can enjoy and believe in the art of balance. Make sure that you enjoy your life alone with the lifestyle habits that can give you balance that can take care of your body and you live a life that is healthy and fit.



Somya Luhadia is a renowned fitness influencer and motivator who is an ISSA certified fitness trainer, nutritionist, and weight management specialist. With her mission to help everyone live a healthy lifestyle and help women take care of themselves via good health and eating nutritious food, she has impacted the lives of over 10 million women throughout the world. She trains more than 1 lakhs women online through her social media pages. She has over a million subscribers & followers on her YouTube channel & Instagram page!


Not only that, but Somya Luhadia has received numerous awards for her outstanding work. The Governor of Odisha honoured her with the Shakhsiyat award for her commitment to health inspiration! She’s also won the international influencer and blogger award for best health and fitness influencer. Cosmopolitan and Exhibit magazine also nominated her for top health and fitness influencer.

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