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Come One, Xome All To Health Fitness Nutrition

Daz Sidhu helps people reach fitness goals through customizable and personalized training programs

From monthly updates to the home and gym-based training programs to a range of diet options, Daz sets realistic and achievable goals for clients.

Auckland, New Zealand – Daz Sidhu, the founder of Daz Sidhu Fitness and Nutrition (DSFN), is a training consultant helping people achieve their fitness goals and transform their lives through proper nutrition and exercise. Daz strongly believes in the power of food and has helped several clients achieve their fitness levels through personalized training programs and customizable meal plans.

The plans are designed keeping the end goal in mind and include various options that meet the client’s dietary and physical preferences. One of the most distinguishing features of the DSFN program is that the trainer is fully involved in the journey and tracks the client’s progress.

“I was around 25 when I realized my passion for fitness & nutrition and decided to help people take action and make their health a priority,” said Daz Sidhu, Founder of DSFN.  “I have noticed in the Punjabi community that health takes a backseat as people strive to achieve their other life goals. Hence, I have designed a program that considers their other commitment and keeps them on top of their health,” he added.

The monthly training and nutrition package comes packed with a personalized workout program, customized meal plan, monthly updates, progress tracking, dietary options, weekly Q&A, video demonstrations, and the option to swap exercises in case of an injury. The plan is highly exhaustive and considers all the other critical factors in the fitness journey.

“With the right guidance and action, it is possible to be the best version of yourself,” Sidhu noted. The DSFN program is available worldwide. People anywhere in the world can sign up with Daz Sidhu and embark on this journey.

Daz moved from Punjab as a student in 2011 to New Zealand. After studying business he then pursued his passion of being a Police officer and graduated from ROYAL New Zealand Police College in 2018. He notes that DSFN is his way of giving back to the community and helping them become the best version of themselves physically and mentally.

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