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We value and respect the richness of diversity of the communities we serve, and we are dedicated to cultivating a welcoming, inclusive and safe environment free from discrimination and oppression for everyone who enters through our doors.

The Human Rights and Inclusion team actively strives to create an equitable environment where people’s diverse identities and perspectives are valued and included. We strive to create an environment where staff feel dignified, engaged, and empowered to deliver on HHS’ mission of Best Care for All. HHS recognizes its people are best positioned to do this by increasing their skills, confidence, and capabilities through a range of human rights and inclusion training and programs, events, and projects.

Human Rights and Inclusion initiatives include:

Training and Programs
We have various training and programs offered through the Centre for People Development that are specifically designed to educate our workforce on equitable and social engagement with the diverse communities we work with and provide care for at HHS. These trainings are recommended in the following order, however they are also standalone learning modules.

Two-Spirit & LGBTQIA+ Positive Space Training increases awareness about the Two-Spirit & LGBTQIA+ community, reduces stigma, and builds capacity for an inclusive service and care environments for Two-Spirit & LGBTQIA+ patients and employees.

Ally in Action Training prepares staff to recognize systemic barriers that have negative impacts on marginalized patient and staff populations, and to build the capacity to have conversations regarding the various forms of systemic oppression and barriers

Compassionate Cross Cultural Communication Training supports staff in understanding what culture is and learning how to engage in self-reflection about your own culture and how it impacts your values and beliefs related to communication, in conjunction with learning 10 strategies for compassionate communication.

Intersectional Anti-Racism: Anti-Oppression Analysis Training provides attendees with a well-rounded education of equity, diversity and inclusion principles, identifying and removing systemic barriers, taking personal responsibility for interrupting both interpersonal and systemic oppression.

Ethics and Diversity Grand Rounds: To ensure HHS is on the forefront of clinical and organizational ethics, we host monthly Rounds to promote community dialogue around ethical issues in healthcare and build capacity for effective ethical decision-making.

On-demand Training: The Human Rights and Inclusion team provides on-demand training related to harassment, workplace violence, and other human rights-related issues.

Annual Events

We have an organizational emphasis on events that recognize and celebrate diversity and affirm HHS’ commitment to promoting, fostering, and cultivating an inclusive and equitable work and service environment. Some of our yearly events include:

Black History Month

Indigenous Days of Significance

Disability Employment Awareness


World AIDS Day

Human Rights Day


Trans Inclusive Service and Care Program: A strategic initiative to support trans patients and staff at HHS and build an inclusive service and care environment for gender-non-binary/diverse people.

Contact Us

Human Rights and Inclusion questions can be sent to [email protected]. If you have a concern regarding your experience as a patient at Hamilton Health Sciences, please contact [email protected].


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