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Brookings Register | School of Health and Consumer Sciences adds eight faculty members at South Dakota State University

BROOKINGS – South Dakota State University’s School of Health and Consumer Sciences has welcomed eight new faculty members to campus this year.

The new hires include:

• Marni Shoemaker: Shoemaker is an assistant professor of nutrition and a registered dietitian. Her research involves both nutrition and exercise physiology by focusing on how nutrition and exercise impact skeletal muscle health across the lifespan to improve performance and health outcomes. She is also a certified strength and conditioning specialist and certified as a USA-weightlifting coach, aiming to bring nutritional and exercise instruction together in both research and applied settings.

• Allison Barry: Barry is an assistant professor of exercise science, teaching in the undergraduate and graduate programs. Her research focuses on improving cardiorespiratory fitness through increased levels of physical activity in different tactical populations. Additionally, she uses this information to create wellness fitness initiatives in fire and police departments.

• Charles Provencio: Provencio is an assistant professor of sport and recreation administration. He graduated with a Ph.D. in sport management from the University of New Mexico, where he studied the occupational experiences of coaches. He coached tennis for over 15 years in club, park and recreation, high school and NCAA Division I settings and brings both the practical experience and academic foundations to help students who want to share their love of sport with others.

• Roman Waldera: Waldera is an instructor of physical education teacher education. He completed his doctorate in health, nutrition and exercise science at North Dakota State University. A former track and field athlete and coach specializing in the throwing events, Waldera’s research has focused on motions and muscle activations of NDSU throwers, physical education curriculum, ADHD and physical activity, lower body muscle activation during squat movements, and coaching attitudes regarding COVID-19 as well as gamesmanship. He’s also worked as a substitute physical education teacher and as a personal trainer.

• Seth Daughters: Daughters is an instructor teaching in the undergraduate and graduate exercise science programs. He specializes in strength and conditioning and has 10 years of experience working in collegiate and private sector strength and conditioning.

• Monty Bohrer: Bohrer is an instructor of consumer affairs. He came to SDSU in fall 2021 on a temporary basis and was hired on full time in January 2022. The Sioux Falls resident has been in higher education for over 25 years and believes that his experience in the professional world with companies such as GMAC, Gateway Computers and Oracle, to name a few, have given him a good perspective in the areas surrounding consumer affairs.

• Megan Northrup: Northrup is the new director for the accelerated graduate program in nutrition in dietetics. The former track and field athlete graduated from SDSU with her master’s in nutrition and exercise science. After completing her dietetic internship, Northrup worked in community nutrition in Ohio. In 2017, she worked in academic affairs at Chadron State College (Nebraska) as a student activities coordinator and later the director of Title IX and Student Health Services. She also worked as an adjunct professor teaching courses in nutrition for sport and wellness, food science and global food systems.

•Eric Griggs: Griggs is an aviation instructor. He came to SDSU from coastal North Carolina after an extensive aviation career in the Marine Corps. He has a master’s degree in education from Auburn University.

In addition to his military experience, Griggs holds an airline transport pilot certificate and is a certified flight instructor. He has operated aircraft all over the world and brings real-world industry experience to the SDSU aviation program.


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