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Blackcurrant supplement scoops third Nutraingredients award

The company said they were absolutely delighted as the trophy completes an impressive remarkable “triple crown” of Nutraingredients gongs in this category for the first-to-market supplement, after winning Asia in 2020 and USA in 2021.

They believe the award celebrates the best branded or own-label supplements, functional foods and beverages positioned to enhance athletic performance and recovery in the nutraceutical market in Europe.

Fleur Cushman, founder and director of Health Currancy said: “CurraNZ is the first-to-market proprietary supplement that harnesses the unique botanical properties of the New Zealand blackcurrant, rich in the polyphenols – anthocyanins – and dietetically wrapped into a clinically proven, high potency extract, Enzans.​”

Best raw materials

CurraNZ was also a finalist in the keenly-fought Sports Nutrition Ingredient category, which recognises the best raw materials for enhancing performance, boosting recovery or aiding endurance for the sports and active nutrition industries.

The subject of a rapidly-expanding portfolio of over 30 published exercise, performance, recovery and health studies, the standardised, proprietary New Zealand Blackcurrant Anthocyanin Extract supplement is used by some of the world’s leading sports teams and athletes.

The award-winning research has confirmed the many health and fitness benefits behind CurraNZ for supporting muscle recovery, performance and fat oxidation for elite and active nutrition consumers.

The body of solid sports nutrition research, proving the fast-acting potency of CurraNZ, impressed the judges.


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