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Best Smart Fitness Mirrors for Your Home Gym


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$995 at Mirror

lululemon studio mirror on a gray backdrop

Lululemon Studio Mirror

Best smart fitness mirror for group fitness classes

Working out at home is incredibly convenient but it comes with some limitations. After a while, you may find yourself becoming bored with your usual fitness routines. However, one great way to shift yourself out of this rut is by investing in an exercise mirror. Yes, along with the usual treadmills, exercise bikes and ellipticals — there are also smart fitness mirrors. And as smart fitness routines take over, exercise mirrors are becoming more commonplace. With a smart fitness mirror, you can enjoy the benefits of a whole gym in your home without sacrificing a ton of space. Most exercise mirrors are either freestanding or wall-mounted and look like standard vertical mirrors.

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Smart fitness mirrors have their own unique features, which can include rep counting, correcting your form or connecting you with a personal trainer. Although there aren’t many on the market, smart mirrors have grown in popularity as more people have adapted to mirror workouts. 

These pieces of equipment don’t come cheap, so it’s helpful to know what a smart fitness mirror can offer you that a gym can’t. We tested various popular smart mirrors at home and in CNET’s testing lab to determine which are the best based on the installation process, classes and unique functions, as well as practicality. Check out our top picks for mirror workout options below.

lululemon studio mirror on a gray backdrop

Giselle Castro-Sloboda/CNET

The Lululemon Studio Mirror was originally known as the Mirror, but changed its name with a rebranding in 2022. The Lululemon Studio Mirror connects you to your favorite boutique fitness classes by creating a hybrid experience at home and in-person. When you order this smart mirror you have the option to have the delivery technician set it up for you or you can install it following their installation instructions. You can have your mirror on a stand that leans against the wall or mount it to your wall. If you choose the stand, an anchor will be included and is recommended for extra security. This will require you to drill two holes into your wall, so it’s something to consider if you rent your home.

Forme Studio in showroom

Giselle Castro-Sloboda/CNET

If you’re looking for a smart fitness mirror that offers a more personalized experience, the Forme Studio may be the way to go. Forme offers two different types of mirrors: Forme Studio and Forme Lift. The Studio is the original mirror that offers on-demand classes and custom workouts as well as live 1:1 personal training ($99 for first month; $399 a month afterward). The Forme Lift is the upgraded version of the Forme Studio and offers the same classes and personal training, but has motorized resistance cables (with up to 150 pounds of resistance) meant to elevate your strength training experience. In a way, it resembles the Tonal, a smart home gym we tested, but has some differences since the Forme Lift is a mirror. The Forme Studio will run you $2,495, whereas the Forme Lift costs a whopping $5,995.

Other smart mirrors we tested

Fiture Mini: The Fiture Mini was our recommended pick for people with limited space. But it’s no longer available for purchase in the US. I was able to test it in my home, and I liked that it didn’t require a lot of space for a workout. What made it unique was that it featured Motion Engine technology, which uses gesture controls, provides coaching cues, counts reps, and guides your pace and form during class. 

Echelon Reflect: Compared with the other smart mirrors tested, the Echelon Reflect had a low-quality screen resolution and the instructor screen appeared smaller than the rest. You have the option to mount it to a wall or to a stand and we opted for a stand, but it felt flimsy when operated since it’s a touchscreen. We also had issues connecting the app to the mirror and we could not control the volume separately from the instructor and the music, so the music always muffled the instructor’s directions. We also found it lacked in class selections compared to its competition. 

How we test smart mirrors

The setup: We looked at the ease or difficulty of the delivery and installation process and how the equipment looks in the testing space. 

The experience: We took into account the user experience and how easy it is to operate and navigate the smart fitness mirror during class and while browsing the exercise library. We also looked at features that made the user experience easier or better. For example, having volume control over the music and the instructor speaking.

The app: We looked at how easy it was to connect the app to the smart fitness mirror and if it was easy to navigate and mirrored the device itself. 

The workouts: Compared to a gym membership, we evaluated the class and program selection the smart fitness mirrors offered and if there were options to personalize the workout even further, such as tracking, personal training or individualized programs. 

The music: We took into account whether or not the smart fitness mirror lets you access a third-party music app like Spotify or if you’re expected to use a built-in music program. 

The content quality: We observed how the screen resolution appeared and how sophisticated the workout content felt, as well as the sound, smoothness and overall quality of the software.

Factors to consider

  • Set aside a realistic budget for a smart fitness mirror, because they don’t come cheap. You could easily spend upwards of $1,000 on one of these devices.
  • Determine whether you have the appropriate space for a smart fitness mirror. Besides a place for the mirror, you should have plenty of room to move on the floor. 
  • Find out if you will need additional equipment to use the smart fitness mirror or if it’s included.
  • Decide what features are important to you for a smart fitness mirror to have. Some offer personal training as well as group fitness classes that are updated regularly. 
  • Decide if you prefer a smart fitness mirror with a touchscreen or to monitor it through an app or by hand gestures. Some mirrors give you multiple options. 
  • If you want to use the smart fitness mirror on-the-go, make sure it has a compatible app which you can use while traveling.
  • If your whole family plans on using the smart fitness mirror, make sure you can create enough user profiles for them.

What to look for when shopping for a smart fitness mirror

  • Decide if you want a mountable or free standing mirror and if the manufacturer offers both options.
  • Verify that white glove delivery and assembly are included with your order.
  • Consider the library of workouts and how personalized you can make your experience. 
  • If privacy is a concern, confirm that camera covers come with the mirror for when it’s not in use. 
  • Make sure you know how to clean your smart fitness mirror. Most will include instructions on how to maintain it at home.
  • Make sure you understand the company’s warranty policy and know what they’re willing to cover if your smart mirror were to break or malfunction.

Smart mirror FAQS

Which mirror is best for a home gym?

The best mirror will depend on what features you prefer. If personal training is important to you, then the Forme may be your best option, whereas if you want the feel of a boutique group fitness class, you may favor the Lululemon Studio Mirror. 

Can workout mirror trainers see you?

Some smart fitness mirrors do have the option to have the instructor watch you during class to help with your form or offer guidance. Your user manual will mention if this is a feature that’s included. 

What are the benefits of fitness mirrors?

You can get the benefits of personal training or group fitness classes without leaving your home. It’s also dual-purposed and can serve as both your home gym and a mirror. 

How do you clean a fitness mirror?

It’s recommended that the best way to clean your smart fitness mirror is by using a microfiber cloth or with an approved cleaning solution that may be included with your order. Avoid using unapproved cleaning products and paper towels which could be too abrasive for the surface. 


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