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Alyssa Milano’s diet and workout plan

Alyssa Milano is a popular Hollywood actress known for her raw acting skills and appealing features. Popular for her roles in Who’s the Boss, Charmed, Hall Pass, Embrace of the Vampire and Insatiable, the 50-year-old actress is multi-talented, as she’s also a singer, producer and author.

Milano has had an extensive career, starring in several famous movies and shows, but one thing has remained consistent, and that is her fitness. After so many years on the screen, Milano settled down and had two kids with her husband David Bugliari, but she still looks as fit and beautiful as ever.

So what does Alyssa Milano do to stay in shape? What diet and workout routine does she follow? Read on to find out:

Alyssa Milano’s diet

Though motherhood brought great happiness into Milano’s life, she struggled extremely hard to get back to her normal weight (115 pounds). It was then that she switched to the Atkins 40 diet – a diet plan that requires consuming no more than 40 carbs per day.

This was the same diet plan Kim Kardashian followed to lose about 40 pounds. By following the Atkins diet, Alyssa went from 172 pounds to 126 pounds and was just six pounds heavier than when she became pregnant with her second baby.

At present, her low-carb diet centres primarily around healthy fats and proteins, including animal protein, protein shakes, plenty of veggies, avocados and olive oil. She drinks at least six glasses of lemon water every day and also prefers herbal tea and almond milk as beverages.

Milano enjoys healthy variations of her favourite dishes. She substitutes traditional pizza crust for a cauliflower crust, zucchini noodles for pasta and lettuce for wraps and tortillas. She still loves to use classic tomato sauce and ranch dressings for salads and other dishes she makes.

Alyssa Milano avoids foods that contain chemical additives and artificial ingredients. She also does not indulge in fast food, processed food, junk food and market-bought packaged items that have added sugar.

Alyssa Milano’s Workout plan

Milano is undoubtedly a busy mother. Playing with her kids and chasing them is one of her favourite and natural ways to be physically active throughout the day.

However, along with that, Milano’s daily exercise routine includes weight training that helps her sculpt her arms and run at least three miles per day to keep her leg muscles strong. The Hollywood diva has even joined a spinning class where she spends 40 minutes mimicking a bicycle ride.

Alyssa Milano is also very fond of yoga and makes it a point to practice it at least twice a week, as it helps to enhance her overall flexibility and balance. She takes Zumba classes once a week, tries to spin five times every week and does Pilates 2 times a week. However, the two exercises Milano loves the most are Zumba and soul cycling.

Milano has worked super hard to keep herself in shape. From weight training and cycling to running and Zumba, she has left no stone unturned to become who she is now.

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