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A 101 guide to building a career in health and fitness

By India Today Web Desk: There’s a sudden urge amongst people to stay fit since the pandemic struck. In fact, Covid-19 is transforming the fitness industry as we speak. From gym closures to opening up new avenues for online physical training, people are moving from total withdrawal from gymming to exploring alternate routes to keep their regimes up and moving. As people realize that health can’t be managed passively, they are seeking nutrition advice online.

Fortunately, we have tools and technologies around to make remote fitness coaching and training a reality. Not only is it a boon for the general populace but also a way for fitness enthusiasts to build a promising career for themselves.

Here are 6 tips to build a career in health and fitness:

1. Find your niche

A plethora of options awaits if one wants to carve a career in fitness. However, the first step would be to choose which aspect interests you the most – nutrition, mental well-being, holistic health, activity-based workouts, and so forth.

These areas are further subdivided into multiple disciplines. Pick the one that you would like to pursue daily.

2. Learn the nitty gritties

Online coaching is a relatively new domain and requires technical skills to ensure uninterrupted learning throughout the session.

Guiding someone on nutrition or providing fitness considering different health and socio-economic backgrounds of customers is a tough task that requires a complete command over the field, backed by science.

3. Master your discipline

Although there are no mandatory regulations in place to pursue a career in fitness in India, it is always better to be equipped with relevant professional certifications for a wider acceptance amongst people.

No one would shell out money for a six-month yoga class unless the trainer is a certified professional from a recognized organization. And when it’s about your health, would you even take a risk?

4. Join the right institute

Benefits of enrolling in a well-established fitness institute are many. Not only the learner gets access to expert faculty and hands-on experience but also placement support, irrespective of their mode of learning.

It is always better to get an idea by connecting with students who have completed their certifications. Know how it adds value to their work opportunities.

5. Build your network

The best tip is to start developing an online presence as you complete your professional course. Pick some popular social media platforms for health and fitness such as Instagram and Youtube, etc. to reach out and connect with a like-minded audience and potential customers.

This can help you build a strong following and network. You can also begin with free trials and ‘no questions asked’ refunds policy initially if people are not satisfied with the sessions or diet-plans.

6. Develop expertise

The monthly remuneration depends upon the experience, niche, and credibility of the fitness professional that is developed over time by delivering favourable results to their clients.

Freshers working as group instructors or personal trainers can earn as much as INR 20,000/- month while an experienced professional can demand up to INR 80,000/- month.

Nutrition and fitness professionals with over two years of experience can earn up to INR 50,000/- a month which can be gradually increased to over INR 2,50,000/-.

The best weapons in this industry are a positive attitude, the right knowledge, and confidence. A lack of any of these would mar your chances of building a strong name and career in the long haul.

Staying fit and healthy are the keys to garner mass audiences.

Set yourself as a fitness benchmark for others to follow. After all, the biggest irony would be to take notes on how to stay active from a seemingly lazy instructor. Just saying.

– Article by Jyoti Dabas, Founder of INFS (Institute of Nutrition and Fitness Sciences)

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