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7 Great Reasons to Buy the May Issue of Men’s Health

Photography by Chris Floyd

The Men’s Health brand is a broad church. For all the talk of summer shape-ups and holiday bodies at this time of year, we know your motivations for training and eating well are far more varied and nuanced.

Our May issue, on sale now, caters to all tastes. Want to eat a little better while still enjoying every bite? Our 27-page Nutrition Special – including a rundown the UK’s best healthy restaurants – is for you. Keen to live longer and feel stronger? Take inspiration from our guide to fitness at every age, with tips from top health scientists and septuagenarian powerlifters. More concerned with your mental strength? In an exclusive interview, our cover star, Sir Bradley Wiggins, discusses the role of cycling as an escape and how adversity can fuel ambition. Oh, and you’ll also find the usual muscle-building circuits. Because they too have their place.

Alastair Campbell Meets Brad Wiggins

Ten years since conquering the world, Sir Bradley has ridden a bumpy, occasionally treacherous path towards becoming the 41-year-old man he is today. But now he has started falling in love with the bike again – and begun finding himself in the process.

The UK’s Healthiest (and Best) Restaurants

A well-balanced lifestyle should never prohibit a good meal out. Whether you’re looking for something plant-based or paleo, high-end or high street, glance over our tasting menu of the best spots for diners with healthy intentions, and even better taste.

Burn and Build with MH‘s Three-Part Plan

There’s no shame in wanting to shape up for the warmer months. This programme delivers serious calorie-scorching results and will build strength and size exactly where you want it.

Calories 101: Your Visual Guide

You don’t need to count calories to live a healthy lifestyle. But if you’re struggling to see results, a little knowledge goes a long way. Our guide can help you derive satisfaction from your daily quota, whatever you’re hungry for.

How to Be Fit at Any Age

How well you age isn’t just about luck or good genes. Living longer – and staying strong, agile and sharp while you’re at it – is about strategy. This is your 16-page, expert-led guide.

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