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28, A New Cycle-Based Wellness Company, Launches With $3.2M In Funding

There’s one topic our readers have especially loved that’s very near and dear to our hearts: Empowering women to understand their bodies and to help them make informed decisions regarding their reproductive health. We’ve raised awareness around the negative impact of hormonal birth control on our bodies, and helped women find healthier and more natural alternatives in a time when the subject is considered “off-limits” by all of mainstream women’s media. We’ve published articles on birth control and understanding our cycles from trail-blazing doctors, like Dr. Jolene Brighten, and personal tales from women of all walks of life. The responses have been overwhelming and an incredibly fulfilling part of the work we do at Evie. 

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At the end of the day, the most important question I can ask as the founder of a company for women, by women, is: “What do women need?” What will help us live beautiful, happy, and healthy lives? The answer became clear: Everything starts with our health. Our womanly bodies are a force of nature. And, like any part of nature, they operate on nature’s laws. But for many women, we feel like passengers, not the drivers of our own bodies. What if the energy fluctuations, mood swings, and random cravings throughout the month were not only manageable, but predictable? Well, in many ways, they are. But for the longest time, we didn’t understand how. 

Anatomy aside, women’s bodies differ from men’s in one major way – our female hormones. These powerful molecules serve as messengers that regulate our physiology and behavior, from our mood and our energy levels all the way to our skin and our sex drive. The primary female sex hormones are estrogen and progesterone, while men’s dominant sex hormone is testosterone. Although women typically produce smaller amounts of testosterone, it’s important that we don’t artificially disrupt our hormone levels and throw them out of balance. For the majority, the most effective way to balance your hormones is through proper nutrition and exercise that’s in sync with your natural cycle.  

Sadly, millions of women are in the dark about their own bodies. Many of us were put on the pill as a teen and learned nothing about how our amazing bodies actually work (no, we’re not talking about sex).

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From the seasons to the moon, everything in nature has a cycle. Our bodies are no different. While both women and men have a circadian rhythm, known as our “internal clock,” women also have an infradian rhythm, which is unique to female physiology. It’s a 28-day cycle (on average) that regulates the menstrual cycle. And during this cycle, there are four distinct phases: Follicular, Ovulatory, Luteal, and Menstrual.

From the seasons to the moon, everything in nature has a cycle. Our bodies are no different.

Each of these phases brings different changes to your mood and body. And that’s where the problem lies in women’s fitness. Many popular fitness methods aren’t ideal for women because they were designed with no regard for the natural cycle of women’s bodies. They can actually work against your body by ignoring the hormonal and physical changes that are constantly occurring throughout the four phases.

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And that leads us to another question that matters to most women: How can I make my body look great? And no, you’re not shallow for caring about this. You deserve to feel great on the inside, but you also deserve to look great on the outside! It’s important to realize that every body is different and that your goal should be to become the best you can be with the body you’ve been given. 

When it comes to achieving a certain aesthetic, genetics certainly play a role, but nutrition and the types of exercises you do play even greater ones. Women need a healthy level of fat. It’s good for our brain health, hormone balance, and fertility. Many swimsuit models look “soft” because they still possess healthy levels of fat. They still work hard to have a sculpted body, but they achieve it through more functional movement and resistance training (pilates, bands, and lighter weights).

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One of the best ways to optimize your health as a woman is to give your body what it needs, when it needs it. If exercise and nutrition are the what, the phases of your cycle are the when. Exercising based on your cycle means changing the intensity and the types of movements during each phase to optimize your physique, hormone levels, and overall mood. 

Introducing 28, the World’s First Free Cycle-Based Fitness and Holistic Wellness Experience

28 is a free platform that provides personalized streaming workouts, nutrition profiles, and science-based “horoscope-like” insights for women, designed around the four phases of the natural cycle. The tech uses nature to determine where you are in your cycle and customizes your daily routine to satisfy your body’s physical and hormonal needs. And don’t worry – if you’re using birth control, have an irregular cycle, are breastfeeding, or are post-menopausal, you can still use 28! 

When you login to 28, you’ll be greeted with a reminder of where you are in your cycle, what to expect regarding your energy levels and feelings, tips on what foods to eat to best support your hormones and physical needs, and a recommended exercise or stretch video. Each phase of the cycle is paired with a collection of exercise videos that take your energy levels, hormones, and physical symptoms into consideration. If you’re not feeling that day’s recommended exercise, you can pick something else from the collection within the phase you’re in.

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When it comes to the fitness method, 28 takes a rejuvenating, stability-based approach to exercise designed by supermodel trainers and medical experts to work with your natural cycle. It’s a four-part process that leans your legs, tones your arms, sculpts your booty, and strengthens your core. Best of all? It works for any body type, regardless of size or shape.

While some platforms promise grit and sweat, 28 promotes the feeling of rejuvenation, positive endorphins, confidence, and growth. It’s gentle but effective because, sometimes, less is more. Our bodies don’t need constant cardio and heavy weights to achieve amazing results. With the right form, focus, and movements, your natural body weight can work wonders. You’ll say goodbye to swelling and pain because 28 emphasizes proper form through functional movements that your body is naturally familiar with when you carry, reach, and bend in everyday life. You’ll optimize your energy levels with varying intensity according to each phase of your cycle to ensure you’re never working your body more than you need to. And since it’s an online platform, the world is your gym. Whether you’re in a dorm room, the beach, the forest, or your home, all you need is a laptop, tablet, or phone.

28 is at the heart of the movement to lead women toward happier, healthier lives; to destigmatize and demystify menstrual health by empowering women to embrace their nature, not fight against it. It’s a call to reclaim control of our bodies in the most natural way possible. If your cycle is your compass, then 28 is your path to healthy hormones and a beautiful, feminine physique.

28 Raises $3.2M in Seed Funding

Finally, 28 garnered over $3 million in seed funding. The round was led by Thiel Capital, Facebook’s first investor and founder of PayPal. The team includes celebrity trainers, hormone experts, functional nutritionists, and seasoned industry heavyweights from some of the biggest fitness companies in the world.

Experience 28 for the first time at join28.com! Download the app for IOS here and the app for Android here.

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